As a general rule, I leave the car stuff to Damo or Trev. Except when it comes to DeLoreans. Something about the gull-wing design and potential for time travel gets me every time. Now you could own one: there’s a 1982 DMC-12 up for sale in Victoria at the moment.

Selling for $65,000, it’s not exactly cheap for a car that’s almost 30 years old. That said, it’s only done just over 1000kms, and from the ad and the photos, looks to be in immaculate condition. Even the rear tyres are the originals!

This iconic vehicle is in unbelievable overall condition. It was stored for most of its life in the USA but new front tyres have now been fitted due to originals having perished. Rear tyres are original. Hot-start mod has been carried out (fuel accumulator replaced) and injection system is carbon-cleaned. This is a serious car for a serious collector. For further information phone Tim. Vehicle is garaged in south-eastern suburbs of Victoria. Price is negotiable.

Of course, if you do manage to buy it, the first thing you have to do is buy a flux capacitor. Then trick some libyan terrorists into giving you some plutonium, get the thing up to 88 miles per hour and die a happy man

Price: $65,000