It’s been a few weeks since Apple launched the iPhone 4S, and the internet is awash with tales of woe as the new handsets battery drains at an alarmingly fast rate? Has it been happening to you?

With Apple remaining silent it’s impossible to nail down exactly what’s causing the erratic battery life usage, although many reports claim that the issue can be solved by switching off automatic timezone selection in Settings. However, other users claim that the fix does nothing to help them regain anything close to resembling a full day’s battery life.

Another potential cause is iCloud syncing, which syncs your contacts and calendars over the air regularly.

No matter what the cause is, one thing to be sure of is that Apple is aware of the problem – on its discussions board there’s a thread with just under 3,000 comments lamenting the 4S’s battery life. When Cupertino discovers a fix, expect an update to be issued fairly quickly.

Have you had any battery life problems with the iPhone 4S? Have you managed to fix it? Let us know below.

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