The men’s line of REF. products doesn’t just make hair care for men easy, it makes the bathroom slightly more stylish too.

There are three very basic types of men. Those who don’t care for hair, those that do and are extremely particular about the product they put in their hair, and finally those that care but have no idea about what they are putting in their hair. REF.’s For Men will appeal to the latter two.

REF. is a specialist company that uses the best ingredients to create its line of hair care products. Often only available from salons, the new For Men features Dry Wax, Clay, Styling Wax, Matte Creame, Hair and Body Wash, Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Anti Dandruff Shampoo. For the “I use product but don’t care which” kind of man, you’ll love these because the packaging is a super stylish black and will make your bathroom look like Batman uses it. How is that not cool?

If you do care about what you put in your hair, you’ll be happy to know that the REF. For Men range uses the same quality stuff as the rest of the range that has been so popular in Europe and America – but then adds “masculine scents”. We’re guessing that means woody smells or something like that. Having used REF. 424 for a year now, which is part of the regular line rather than the For Men range, even without the “masculine scent” the product is damn good.

One of the best parts about the entire REF. range is the numbering system. Hold, Shine, Volume, rated from 1-5. Each product has a rating for each of those three so it’s easy to get the right product for your hair.

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