FOXTEL are miles ahead of the pack when it comes to their guide applications on smartphones, tablets, PC and web – they’ve just released an update to their iOS and Android apps which will allow you to change the channel right from the App!

The FOXTEL app until today has allowed you to view your program guide, log in to the system and set programs to record right on your IQ box and also use notifications on your device to remind you of programs.

Today, they’ve added one very cool feature – when a program is just about to start, or is on air, the ‘Set Reminder’ button is replaced with “Change Channel” – press it, and a moment later the channel is changed!

It all works using the direct to box FOXTEL system which allows them to push commands to your box for updates etc, and more recently is for things like remote recording and now channel changing.

Very cool!  And, as an added bonus, you can annoy the heck out of your partner.  Just ask my wife, who was most likely watching Law & Order when suddenly the Channel 9 news came on.  That was me, at work 30kms away, testing the app:)

So, to be clear, it’s not using bluetooth or WiFi to connect to your box – you can be anywhere in the world and change the channel:)

I suspect a few fun and games will ensue as a result of this fancy little upgrade.

Of course, if like me you have multiple Foxtel IQ boxes, you can choose in the settings which box the “change channel” button actually changes.

Price: Free

Available: Now – Android Market and iTunes App Store