A fair few (yeah, too many) people posted photos on social networking sites of clocks or timers at 11:11 on 11/11/11 – but we’ve found one person whose YouTube video simply cannot be beaten. The car’s odometer ticked over to 111111 miles at that time, plus the trip meter was 1111.1!

How on earth did he pull that off?  Well, I can only assume a lot of thought went into it.  Plan in advance to get your car up to 111100 with the trip meter close, park it, leave it and get out just before the magic 11:11 and make it happen.

Sounds simple right?  You’re kidding.

The funniest part of this all, as pointed out in an online forum – is that the YouTube video itself is 1:10 in duration – just one second more and this guy would surely win some sort of Nobel prize for numeracy!

Check it out

PS: Would have been amazing if the temp was just 2.4 degrees lower too:)


Forum: http://www.b3ta.com/links/706634

via: @jackschofield