LG Electronics has today announced they are backing the Kelly Racing Supercars team for twelve months, including a direct backing for team principal and driver Rick Kelly – and he needs it.

Rick is new to e-sports, so the COVID-19 inspired virtual Supercars season was a big deal for him to get into, building his own simulator setup with a camp chair and wood holding it all together.

But that’s taken a big step up with three 55 inch OLED screens now installed for a completely new view of things for Rick.

Already the Eseries has been a huge success, with big name international star drivers, great racing and a good bit of chaos too, and it keeps going till early June.

LG is no stranger to the Supercars grid, previously backing the team via their Harvey Norman sponsorship, however this new deal is direct between the team and LG marking a new phase for both.

Rick said of the partnership “We are really excited to partner with LG Electronics Australia in 2020. The LG business and its innovative products have many synergies with the Kelly Racing brand and what we represent,” .

“During this time our fans are relying on us to remain active and relevant in a period when we can’t race the real cars. Truth be told I’m not a gamer, I’m a Supercar driver. Fortunately, LG has helped enhance my simulation experience at home with three LG OLED TVs. This experience really has to be seen to be believed, fast paced action can be seen in outstanding detail with a 100Hz refresh rate and incredibly low input lag. I’m relieved to be set up for success with the best that display technology has to offer at home.”

Murray Richardson from LG said “We are thrilled to join forces with Kelly Racing in 2020. Supercars are driven by technology and innovation and are the pinnacle of Australian motorsport. LG shares common themes and qualities with this sport, which made this sponsorship opportunity the perfect platform to promote our new suite of products this year,”

“It was a no brainer for us to provide Rick Kelly with the ultimate in simulation experiences for the BP Supercars All Stars Eseries. LG OLED TVs truly support the most premium gaming experiences with self-lit pixels. We wish Rick the best of luck over the coming weeks as he adjusts to the at-home simulation experience.”

Hopefully it helps Rick in the upcoming races – he needs it!