The US has had a movie streaming subscription service for years through Netflix, it’s only just starting to take off Down Under thanks to Quickflix’s partnership with Sony. But competition is set to grow, with Telstra announcing it plans on strapping on its subscription boots and getting into the game early next year.

According to Angus over at Lifehacker, IPTV director Ben Kinealy announced the Big T would be jumping into a similar subscription service early in 2012. While details are thin on the ground, Telstra currently has a pretty good network of devices offering BigPond Movies to rent on a pay-per-view basis already.

Given Telstra’s positioning as a broadband provider and the possibility of offering the service as an unmetered downloads one, it has huge potential to shake up the video on demand market here in Australia. Let’s hope the movie studios see it the same way as Telstra negotiates terms with them…

Via: Lifehacker