OK, that’s a big call, so let’s adjust that to best looking medium-sized car ever. Still a big call but tell us you don’t want to get behind the wheel of this Bat Mobile style sedan?

Called the Takeri concept, this is what the new Mazda6 will largely be based on when it’s unleashed on Australian drivers at the end of 2012. It will adopt the new Skyactiv drivetrain, chassis and body structures already seen in the new Mazda3 as well as Mazda’s Kodo design theme. It will also include regenerative breaking for those parents who like to do their bit.

In a shift against the trends, Takeri concept designer Akira Tamatani told the SMH that the dimensions of the new car would be slightly smaller than the one currently on the market.

Further specifics are yet to be released but we know there will be a deisel model with Skyactiv-D technology.