Haven’t you always wanted to remotely control nerf style missiles from your iPhone/iPad or iPod? Sure you have. Well now you can! This is the Dream Cheeky iLaunch Thunder and you need it in a Christmas stocking near you!

Available now in Australia for $129.95 Update Jan 30: $109.05 (you’ll find it for $99.95 likely) this is the easiest fun you’ll have for a while. Connected to your iOS device via Bluetooth you simply download the iLaunch app from the App Store – turn on the iLaunch Thunder and off you go!

You can control the rotation of the launcher. Go left and right to almost 360 degrees and up and down by what seems like around 30 degrees all with the touch of your finger. Simply slide up and down for the angle, or left and right for the rotation.

Taking it one step better the iLaunch app embraces the Gyroscopic control of the iOS devices by allowing you to simply twist and tilt your device to control. Press and hold to fire! This is great fun.

You will lose the ‘missiles’ though, so perhaps stump up the $6.99 for some spares when you purchase.

Available now, Distributed by SmartIT in Australia.

We’ve found it online at Mac Centre Surry Hills and they sell online so check it out, as well as in-store at Harvey Norman Broadway in Sydney