Mini has announced it will bring an enormous 10 special edition Mini Inspired by Goodwood models to Australia. Is that Mini just being a big tease or realising that at the asking price, it will be lucky to sell even one of them?

The asking price? That would be a hefty $74,500 plus on-roads. More than the Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari, and that has Ferrari in its name… even if it doesn’t have anything at all to do with Ferrari really.

So what does a tasty $74,500 (plus those pesky on-roads of course) buy you these days? Well, the underpinnings of the Mini Cooper S, for starters. But at an asking price of nearly half that of the Inspired by Goodwood model, you will probably want a bit more bite from the special edition.

So how about standard automatic gearbox, liquid effect diamond black metallic paint, cornsilk leather interior, walnut veneer woodgrain, Rolls Royce lambswool floor mats and more. There’s also satnav and a Harmon/Kardon sound system. It was all put together by those design boffins at Rolls, by the way.

Whether or not that sounds like good enough value for the asking price is up to you, but if you’re keen one of these seriously limited edition Mini’s, better hop to it now. If you have no idea why they would call it ‘Goodwood’, this probably isn’t for you.

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