To celebrate the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D, French fast food outlet Quick is releasing a limited edition Dark Vader burger. How the hell he would eat it is another question.

The burger is the same as one of Quick’s regular menu burgers aside from the fact the bun has been dyed with black food colouring to make it look even more delicious… Thanksfully, the two beef patties, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce have not been given the food colouring treatment.

Despite that fact that Darth himself would have trouble eating it, and that he doesn’t make an appearance in the film as Darth Vader, only little Skywalker, Quick reckons this tasty morsel will boost its sales.

A range of Dark burgers have hit the menu to celebrate other evil characters as well. But none look as good as this.

Good luck Quick. We’ve seen stupider ideas. Admittedly, not many.

Via: Daily Mail