Free to download from the App Store, Time’s new Populist app will completely ruin your weekends because of the sheer amount of awesome music, movies, books, TV, games and more it will inform you about.

As the app name would suggest, this is all about top lists. Top 100 movies, top 10 graphic novels, top TV shows of all time and more. It’s compiled by some of Time’s most acclaimed reviewers, such as Lev Grossman and Richard Corliss.

The app itself is seriously easy to use. A column on the left allows you to choose your media. Once chosen, you have more options about the type of list you want. When the list finally populates, it looks rather like the iTunes store, displaying small reviews and cover art.

In this day and age of instant gratification, it wouldn’t be an app without instant access to shops where you can buy the products or even download them straight away. Instant access to Amazon, Netflix, iTunes and more is included if a review inspires you so much you just have to buy it now.

This free app is a must have for those who appreciate good entertainment. If you’re lost for something to entertain your eyes and brain with, Time’s Populist will absolutely ruin you. A weekend will never be the same again.

Web: Time Populist