When it rains it pours, or at least it seems that way on this hot Summer’s day – Foxtel have a heap of news for new and existing customers today so strap yourself in while we run you through it all.

Telstra TV

Foxtel Play is now available on Telstra TV.  The little tiny set-top box from Telstra is now home to more streaming services than any other it would seem, making it a genuine contender for being the hub of your home entertainment system.

Along with the catch-up services from the Free-to-Air networks, as well as Netflix and Stan, Foxtel Play now gives a subscription TV offering to tens of thousands of Telstra customer homes with a Telstra TV.


You do of course need a Foxtel Play subscription, but that’s the easy part once you’ve got the Telstra TV box installed.

In HD?

Yep, in HD – the Foxtel Play service on Telstra TV will be in HD, meaning the highest quality streaming for internet based Foxtel subscribers ever.

Watching Foxtel via Foxtel Play on an Xbox, Playstation or Smart TV has been in a less than ideal quality.  This move to HD (revealed on EFTM recently) on Telstra TV will likely now roll out gradually to other platforms.

Presto Shutdown Offer

After announcing the shutdown of Presto (from end of January 2017), Foxtel had to make an attractive offer to those paying subscribers to get them to take up a Foxtel Play subscription.

Today, Foxtel invited Presto subscribers to take up a two week free trial to Foxtel Play.


Following that trial, a special pricing offer over three months of $15 a month for “Pop and Movies” down from the normal $35 is on offer.

IQ3 Upgrades

And finally, for those Satellite or Cable subscribers with a Foxtel IQ3 box, a new software update is being rolled out today.  To check if you have the latest version you can:

  1. On your remote select Home
  2. Select Settings menu 
  3. Select Advanced Settings
  4. Select System Details
  5. Look for Software Version – this will read version If not, you may have an older version.

If you don’t yet have the update, you can apply to have it rolled out to your box on the Foxtel Community page (right hand side)

This is the 5th software release for IQ3 and focuses on “improving general performance, stability and recording reliability, all with the objective of further polishing the iQ3 experience”