The Americans have struck again, this time with a Mace Pepper Gun in hot pink. You know, because if your lady friend is going to go jogging in Central Park, NYC, at night, you want to be able to spray that perp in serious style.

We don’t really know what to make of this one, so we’ll let you decide. The Mace Pepper Gun is a “fully-loaded self-defense tool holding a canister of pepper spray. Bright and girly as it may be, it’s no match for predators—emitting a powerful stream of OC formula up to 20 ft in length. The trigger also activates an LED light that’ll ensure you hit your target.”

There is an effective range of up to 20-feet and you even get a water canister allowing you to practice your aim before you go injuring people by spraying them in the face with mace. According to the website, it makes a great gift for ferocious females!? So hold on, it’s not about self-defense now, it’s about arming angry women with mace in a hot pink gun… There is something wrong with this business plan.

Thankfully you can’t ship it to Australia. We certainly don’t know about the legality of using mace in Australia either. But if you must see, here is the link.