In the last week of summer, Sydney is finally feeling the heat. Most of Australia has already felt it, but it’s about time the largest city had some action. Help Sydney celebrate by creating some Dirty Pirate ice blocks to share with your mates.

There’s nothing like a mixed drink after a long, hot day. Well, actually, according to the stats on this website there is and it’s VB apparently. Push yourself to experience more and try a Dirty Pirate ice block. Featured on Endless Simmer, the Dirty Pirate starts off with some cola, then adds some spiced rum before being topped off with Kahlua.

It’s just the thing to sort out your issues at the end of the day. Maybe K-Rudd and Julia Gillard need to try a few this evening when all the political dust has settled and they realise what tatters the Labor party has been left in.

For the full recipe, check out the link here.

Image courtesy of Endless Simmer.