Fathers who are between a rock and a hard place looking for a fast car that is also practical, look no further. Audi has done you a favour by planning to release the RS4 Avant in Australia next year, and it comes in station wagon only.It’s more due to history that the wagon will be the only version, but it’s still nice of Audi to put families with frustrated petrol head men first. Buy one and you will find a naturally aspirated 4.2 litre V8 under the bonnet that thrashes out 331kW and 430Nm of torque. For those who measure performance by the 0-100kph dash, you can do it in five seconds and get 0.3 change. That would be 4.7 seconds then.

As with any good sports car, it will also stand apart from its plain grey brother thanks to aesthetic differences. The car will be lower than the A4 Avant, 20mm in fact, it will feature a mean aluminium front grille and small changes to the front mirrors and splitter. The air-intake, front headlights and wheel arches will also get some special treatment.

Of course, being a wagon means you can fit all the family crap… um, important parent stuff, in the back without having to tie down the boot.

Pricing at this stage us yet to be confirmed but Car Advice believes it will be under the  the $154,800 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Estate.

Via: Car Advice