Drinking beer from a can may not be the most sophisticated way of consuming the national beverage, but it does give you the possibility of creating your own beer can light fitting. If that’s too much effort, Chicago based Etsy sellers ZALcreations has created one for you.

The light fittings are hand made imported Sapporo beer cans, as the item description states:

Beer can Track light head. Line voltage.The track head is a single circuit 3-wire (“H”) system. Many current projects require or specify a 3-wire system. It is easier to ground, and has more accessories than the other systems. Also, it is 100% compatible with HALO, which makes substituting really easy.
Approximate measurements: 6 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 3″. Diameter of the can is 3″. All electrical components are UL listed. Made from metal (steel) Sapporo beer can (used.) Original metalic silver color. Made-to-order in approximately 2 weeks. Quantities (and quantity discounts) available. PAR20 50W 120V halogen flood light bulb (dimmable) included. This listing is for one unit.

Getting this installed in your house while your significant other is around is going to be near on impossible, but that’s what makes it ideal for your man cave. Costing $US87, it doesn’t look like it ships outside the US, so you may have to make your own after all…

Price: $US87
Web: Etsy
Via: Werd