Sure, the iPhone 4 and 4S look amazing with their Gorilla Glass and iconic design, but drop one on concrete and you’ll rue the day you didn’t buy a case. But maybe the ruggedised Aqua Tek S waterproof case with integrated solar charger is slight overkill?

Snow Lizard Products is trying to get the Aqua Tek S case off the ground through Kickstarter, offering a ruggedised case that is waterproof to six metres, while incorporating an additional battery and solar charger without restricting access to any of the iPhone’s key functions.

While it’s still in the engineering phase, details are scarce on specifics of battery capacity, solar panel efficiency and just how rugged the case will actually be. What we do know is that it will be available in a wide range of colours and styles should it reach its $75,000 target in the next 23 days. Snow Lizard Products has also stated that the case will cost $US130 when it goes on sale.

Still it seems like an extreme sacrifice for an extreme case – the handset is almost indistinguishable inside the cover, which has got to reduce a good portion of the iPhone’s allure in the first place. Still for the active man, the ability to protect your iPhone from both water and drops while charging it from the sun at the same time does sound like a pretty decent thing to do.

Price: $US130
Web: Kickstarter
Via: Gizmag