Almost everyone has a story of waiting at the airport for a plane to arrive, and probably paying through the nose for the parking while they wait. Here’s some helpful advice to save some parking fees in future and be sure you arrive spot on time.

The key to saving that parking money is normally to not have to enter the carpark in the first place.  However, parking down the road and waiting is asking for trouble because you have no idea when that flight is arriving.

First bit of help is a simple Google search inclusion. Enter the flight number you are waiting for and search. Rather than getting a stack of search results you will actually get scheduled departure and arrival information, updated in real-time. Easy!

Enter flight number into Google for real-time arrival information

Any smart phone with internet access can help you out on that one. But what if you want to take your plane-stalking to the next level. If you’re near a computer – go to Plane Finder and get your mapping on! It’s really quite simple: the data gathered from air-traffic control systems around the world is displayed here in simple, easy to use, form.

Online plane tracking

Click on one of the little red planes to get that aircraft’s flight details.

Detailed view online of aircraft/flight information


But what about our earlier scenario: you’re sitting a few kilometres from the airport hoping to spot your plane arriving above your head.  You’ve got some flight info from Google, but where is the plane?

Plane Tracker for iPhone

Pop into the App Store and search for “Plane Finder”.  The free version does a good job of showing the basic information, but for $5.49 you can also get all the flight information you see on the website, including locating aircraft by flight number and registration.

Plane Tracker iPhone Tracking Detail

It’s a ‘must have’ for anyone who makes regular pick-ups, drop-offs or flights of their own.


Web: Plane Finder

App Store Full version: Plane Finder / Android Marketplace / Windows Phone

App Store Free: Free: Plane Finder / Android Marketplace