It’s been revealed that the Facebook creator spent over $700,000 on private planes last year. Despite this, Zuckerberg wasn’t the highest paid employee of the social network company.

According to Mashable, “The bulk of that figure was related to “personal use of aircraft chartered in connection with his comprehensive security program for his family and friends. Another $90,850 of that amount was for “costs related to estate and financial planning.””

Zuckerberg is still worth US$17.5 billion and was paid US$1.49 million last year by the company, made up of salary, shares and bonuses. Yet that is way off the figure of the top earning employee. That wonderful title goes to Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer. She racked up an amazing US$295,833 in salary plus a bonus of US$85,133 and stock awards worth US$30,491,613. Yup, just a little more than what Zuckerberg put in his pocket.

Now there are two people at Facebook you are likely to want to punch in the face. Oh, and the lawyers that keep changing its privacy policy. Did we say punch? We meant cuddle. We don’t condone violence. Or do we? No, we don’t.

Via: Mashable