K-Rudd rocks Julia’s boat, Tomic proves that being a good tennis player doesn’t give you common sense, Billy Connolly wants to be a Hobbit, Rick and Todd Kelley go to Japan and Steve Jobs once did drugs. That and more in the Men of the Week.

Good Week

Rick and Todd Kelly: The Kelly Racing boys have pulled a blinder. Just a few weeks ago we reported that Chrysler was set to join the V8 Supercars. While that still may be true, rumours about Nissan entering didn’t surface until 24 hours before the deal was done. Kelly Racing will become Nissan Motorsports in 2013 with a four car team.

Billy Connolly: There isn’t a lot that Billy Connolly hasn’t done, including running around naked in freezing conditions sadly. Now he can add playing a Hobbit Warrior to his list. Quite how Peter Jackson is going to pull that one off remains to be seen, but we’re keen!

Kevin Rudd: Julia Gillard just can’t escape THE question. Whether it’s a good week in the polls or not, K-Rudd just keeps sticking like a thorn in the side. This weeks flop of a Labor barbecue caused another round of Rudd return rumours.

Bad Week

Bernard Tomic: After a tremendous effort in the Australian Open, Tomic is sadly showing a bit of a bogan side. He put his bright orange coloured BMW M3 up for auction (you know, the one the police like) but sadly didn’t get very far. It passed in at $147,000 – he wanted $200,000. Better hop back on the winners train soon Bernard. It doesn’t wait at the station long, just ask Lleyton. A good win over China this weekend in the Davis Cup will sort that out. Here’s hoping.

Steve Jobs: Hey may have passed away, but such is his popularity that he won’t be leaving our minds anytime soon, especially with the complete FBI file on him being released. Drug use, a serial liar and bomb threats? It’s beginning to sound like an American Soap.

Random Qantas pilot: Good on you Qantas. You’re increasing fares, your service is still way off the mark of the top airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Asiana Airlines and Emirates, and now you’re employing pilots like this. We here at EFTM don’t fly planes, but we can understand how miscalculating the plane’s weight by 10 tonnes could spell trouble…

Zhiping Zhou: It’s bad enough when you owe people money. Worse when you have to sell your house to pay back debts. And then there is Zhiping Zhou. Not only is that his real name, a Sherif from the Carlton office in Victoria sold his Braybrook home for $1,000 to try to recover debts. That despite the fact it is worth upwards of $600,000. Enter legal proceedings.