Car maker Mini has had a marketing stunt backfire on them, as the weather system it “sponsored” in Germany went on to kill 70 people and send another 500 to hospital.

Germany and the US are the only two countries that allow corporations to “sponsor” high and low pressure systems, giving them naming rights to the weather system. Mini spent €299 (about $368) to have the cold front in question called “Cooper” in Germany, before it went on to drop temperatures below -33 degrees Celcius, killing dozens across eastern Europe.

Obviously Mini had no idea the weather conditions would prove so fatal, but you have to wonder what would persuade a company to even attempt naming an element of the weather, when weather can be so unpredictable.

Apparently Mini was planning on naming a second low pressure system later on in the year “Minnie”, although it’s now unclear whether the sponsorship will go ahead. If common sense prevails, the answer should be no…

Via: SMH
Image: JeanninePC99 Flickr