One of the most impressive iPad accessories we’ve seen in the past couple of years is the Wallee mounting system from Melbourne company StudioProper. It’s latest bracket is designed to let you quickly and easily mount an iPad to a car headrest, giving your kids an affordable entertainment system quickly.

The Headrest’s intelligent design means you can mount an iPad either directly behind the headrest, or place it between the two front seats so the entire back seat can watch the same content on the iPad’s screen. It uses the Wallee’s simple cross mounting system to securely hold the iPad in place with a simple click and twist.

Made from anodised aluminium, the Headrest will only work on headrest pins 13mm in diameter and below, so it’s worth checking before you buy one. But for anyone looking for a convenient way of turning their iPad into a back seat entertainment system for the rampaging children in the backseat, this is one of the most elegantly affordable options we’ve seen.

Price: $39.95
Web: The Wallee