If your Nanna’s got some spare time this weekend and you’re thinking of upping your running game, why not get her to knit you a pair of runners? It’s what Nike has done for its latest lineup of running shoes, announcing its Flyknit runners at an event earlier this week.

Okay, so Nike’s shoes are a little more complex than a ball of yarn and some knitting needles, but the general premise is the same. Using precisely engineered yarns and fabrics and a new proprietary technology, Nike has managed to create a shoe that is positively featherweight by having all the structure and support knitted in. The upper and tongue of the Flyknit Racer, for example, weighs just 34 grams, while the whole shoe comes in at just 160 grams. That’s 19 per cent lighter than the current best in class Nike Zoom Streak 3, a shoe worn by professional athletes.

The Flyknit technology is going to be used in a whole range of shoes over the next year, with the first lot expected to ship around the July timeframe. Given that’s still months away, maybe you will want to hit your Nanna up for a pair of knitted shoes after all…

Price: $TBC
Web: Nike