Recently I wrote a piece about Lime Scooters. This company has rolled out these electric transport solutions in more than 100 markets, with over 50 million rides taking place since 2017. You can read about our own experiences with them here.

I did however make a number of observations about the system, making remarks such as:

“No one seems to give a rats about not wearing a helmet, plus I’m not entirely convinced the lines are clearly drawn in the sand when it comes to blending Scooters with pedestrians and even motorists”

“Many of these Scooters are hired by tourists who aren’t exactly in the mindset to either understand of even obey regulations.”

So, I was a tad surprised this morning when I received this email from a US based reader. I’ve decided to conceal their identity.

Of course, like most feedback we get I responded.

Gun violence is the leading cause of death in the USA of people aged between 15 – 24 years old. Basically kids, yet people want to have a crack about scooters.

Funnily enough California has some of the strictest gun laws the USA. If you can call the below “strict.”

Honesty, while I certainly take onboard our San Diego readers’ comments, I just think that the Yanks in general need to get a tad more passionate about other issues. LIKE GUNS!