Apple’s amazing – if unfinished – voice control service Siri works wonders on the iPhone, unless you want it to do stuff outisde of the phone’s key functions. That’s all about to change, with Mercedes Benz announcing that it will be the first car company to integrate the voice control system into its A-class vehicles.

The Siri integration will be part of the new Mercedes COMAND entertainment system, which will also receive a massive UI overhaul and introduce features like Facebook and Twitter integration, with the ability to read out your status updates on the road.

While it’s not quite up to controlling the car for you, having Siri functionality in the A-Class Mercs will let you do traditional Siri like functions through the COMAND system. It will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor show next month and is expected to roll out across all the Mercedes lineups later this year.

Via: Autoblog