We love Choice – when they are putting products head to head for the ultimate consumer test – there’s no-one that does that better, so when they make a recommendation about tyres on your SUV it’s worth listening to.

Recently Choice experts tested a range of tyres from 12 brands made just for SUVs.  These 225/60 R17 tyres were put through a series of tests on a Kia Sportage.

The tests included dry cornering, wet cornering, dry and wet braking and rolling resistance.


They did not do any off-road tests – lets be honest, this is the Soccer Mum car test, it’s not for the complete and utter off-roader.

Coming up top of the list was the “Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV” tyre with an overall score of 85%.

Raelene Smith, Head of Consumer Products for Goodyear Australia, said, “Winning the CHOICE tyre review is testament of Goodyear’s commitment to innovation, superior design and quality performance. It’s an excellent all-round tyre and we’re extremely pleased that it is being recognised for that.”


Goodyear reckon their “Efficient Grip SUV” tyre is designed for a quiet, reliable and comfortable drive – and the test results would seemingly justify that.

And in 2017 Goodyear say there’s a successor to this very tyre coming that should outperform in all areas.

To view the full results, visit www.choice.com.au