Electric car producer Tesla is starting to build the hype around its new SUV project, called the Model X. Looking a bit like a Nissan Dualis that’s battery powered, the Model X has more than a trick or two up its sleeve… or door… or wing, really.

Forget about the battery power or the fact that Tesla is branching out into SUVs and check out the doors on this thing. Any man that buys this car when it’s released in 2014 will spend hours just opening and closing the doors alone. That’s because they are a new concept called Falcon Wings. Similar to the stylish Mercedes-Benz gull wing doors, the Falcon Wings open upwards before moving inwards. That means that even with the doors completely open, the car is barely any wider than it is with the doors closed. No more idiots parking you in or children opening the door into a concrete beam.

Once you have finished playing with the doors there is plenty more car to explore. Tesla hasn’t rested on the fact that this is battery powered – its put enough technology into it to make you think that driving  this car is merely an option you have, rather than the primary reason to purchase it. The interior is fitted with an impressive Tesla Touchscreen that looks something like a gigantic touchscreen smartphone. From there you will be able to control virtually everything your car can do, save for actually driving.

When you to put the pedal to the metal, expect some serious performance, as is standard with electric cars. The Model X will propel you from 0-100kph in around five seconds. According to the website, the Model X is also available “with optional Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive. The second motor enables more than all-weather, all-road capabilities: it increases torque by 50 per cent.”

Being an SUV you expect practicality, and it has that in spades thanks to the Flacon Wing doors. Open them fully and you have easy access to both the second and third row of seats without having to contort yourself to get in.

At the moment, there is no pricing information other than the option to put your name down on the reserve list for $5,000. If you decide to purchase the Model X you will also have a choice of 65kWh or 80kWh battery as well as drive options.

With the Tesla Roadster starting at $207,980, don’t expect this to be on the cheap side.

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