Quite possibly the biggest game of the year, Mass Effect 3, is due to land in a couple of weeks time, and EA is ramping up the marketing FTL drive with this breathtaking cinematic trailer.

The final instalment of the Mass Effect trilogy sees all out galactic war with the alien ships known as Reapers, gigantic squid-like machines with a taste for intelligent life. As Commander Shepard, you are the universe’s last hope against complete annihilation.

With the game set to launch on March 8 in Australia and featuring an integrated online co-op multiplayer mode for the first time, as well as dedicated iOS apps that can influence the single player game, it’s clearly one of the most epic games of this generation. If you’re wondering what it’s going to be like, you should definitely download the demo on Xbox Live or PSN and check it out.

But the real question for EFTM readers is this: ManShep or FemShep?

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