Looking for something interesting to do on the weekend? Something that will make you feel handy? Maybe even green? How about giving your old MacBook new life? Don’t throw it out, just re-install the operating system to get it moving and dye the case for a new look. Here’s how…

Technology waste is becoming a serious problem. Products outdate themselves so quickly, and with prices dropping dramatically, it’s all to easy to just buy a new phone, laptop, TV or whatever else without thinking about what you could do with your old product. For those who have the original MacBook laptops, you know, the white polycarbonate ones, Apartment Therapy has come up with a pretty damn good idea that will make you feel pretty handy too.

Whether it’s because you want to give your kids a hand-me-down laptop to get started on, or your partner is tired of their old MacBook, or perhaps you just want to breathe new life into your old MacBook, this handy trick will answer all your problems.


Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy has figured out an easy way to dye your white Apple MacBook using RIT dye. It’s as simple as purchasing the dye, simmering it on the stove and putting your polycarbonate casing from the laptop in it for 45 minutes. What you end up with is an amazing MacBook laptop with a totally customised colour. Apartment Therapy has gone with McLaren orange with a black keyboard which is a serious statement in style.

Get the precise ingredients, measurements and directions from them on any of the links in this story.

Via: Apartment Therapy