Thanks to Aussie developers Sportsmate, you don’t truly live and breathe AFL unless you have your team’s AFL Pulse app installed on your iPhone. With all the latest news, stats and history of your club, it’s a completely new way to celebrate your team during the season.

With a dedicated app for each of the 18 AFL clubs in the national league, the AFL Pulse apps offer incredibly detailed information about your favourite players, team and club. The app has a current player list offering comprehensive stat tracking; a team almanac with the club’s history, including results, ladders, scoring information and more; all 2012 fixtures mapped out for the user to keep track of the season; and deep Twitter integration, that not only brings the players’ tweets into the app, but allows users to interact with the team and the app to ask questions and voice frustrations after each match.

According to head of product development at Sportsmate, Patrick Fitzgerald, getting an insight into the minds of fans was the incentive for the app:

“Determining the ‘Pulse’ behind each team was Sportsmate’s motivation for creating these apps. “What makes supporters tick? What news can make the diehard fan optimistic and what can shatter the collective confidence?

“Articles, questions, polls and headlines will be streamed through the app to keep fans up to date with the latest from their club. Users will also have the ability to give a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ to each piece of content, from which the overall ‘Pulse’ is formed. Each team app will provide a variety of ways for fans to have their say.”

It’s a phenomenal concept that truly changes the way sports fans can engage with their favourite teams and players. Hopefully the Victorian Sportsmate developers will bring the idea to the other national codes as well.

Price: $Free
Web: Sportsmate