Lonely Planet, the biggest authority in travel guides, is rolling out refreshed guides. If you’re planning a trip, get all the good tips from the guys who have done it all before

They’re an institution in travel. Trusted by backpackers more than they trust their own mother – the Lonely Planet travel guides are the one books you can’t leave home without. Already appearing on shelves, the range of city, country and pocket guides are now getting a refresh. Aside from the updated information, the guides are now structured differently. They include more colour pictures and have a different feel to their stock. The underlying information is the same though, with easy to read maps, simple instructions and great advice.

Founded by Tony Wheeler in 1972, the guides have been through their fair share of controversy as well. Some writers and experts suggested that the poor pay meant many didn’t actually get to the destinations they wrote about. Regardless, we’ve never had an up-to-date Lonely Planet let us down, and combined with some good Internet research, suggest you pack one on your next trip.

The updated books include Western Europe, Central Europe, The Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, South India, Scandinavia and more.

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