If you ever thought you were adventurous, take a look at these guys. Not content to just paddle on a kayak across the Tasman to New Zealand in 2007, twenty-something adventurers Cas and Jonesy recently returned from an 89-day unassisted expedition to the South Pole (and back).

We got the chance to chat with the boys last week at a Garmin event for the company’s outdoor GPS products, and asked them about the things that made them tick outside the world of adventure.

Favourite sporting team?
Cas: Wallabies.
Jonesy: Waratahs (even though they’re not playing brilliant).

Favourite movie?
Cas: Rocky IV.
Jonesy: I have a couple – Shawshank Redemption (that’s a little bit token though)… Lord of the Rings is pretty cool as well.

V8 Supercars or Formula 1?
Cas: Formula 1.
Jonesy: Formula 1.

Your current mobile phone?
Cas: What, my number? (laughs) iPhone 4.
Jonesy: iPhone 4.

Xbox of PlayStation?
Cas: I don’t play games…
Jonesy: Playstation.

Favourite band?
Cas: (pause) Cold Chisel.
Jonesy: At the moment, Daft Punk.

Plane, train or automobile?
Cas: Train.
Jonesy: Plane.

Neat casual or suit up?
Cas: Neat casual.
Jonesy: Neat Casual.

Watch of choice?
Cas: Garmin 610.
Jonesy: Gotta be the Garmin Forerunner 610 – although the 910 was pretty cool too.

Beer, wine or spirits?
Cas: Beer.
Jonesy: Beer. Unless it’s gin.

You can read more about Cas and Jonesy’s amazing adventures here