AFL, Cricket and NRL need a MoneyBall makeover (Plus, competition winners)

In Moneyball, a financially struggling baseball team turns to advanced science in order to turn around the club’s fortunes. It turns out many EFTM readers fell the same approach could help pretty much every football code in Australia.

To win a copy of the movie on DVD or Blu-ray, we asked you to tell us which sports would benefit from the same approach in Australia.

The results were torn, with both the NRL and cricket klanding about 20 per cent of the vote each, with AFL getting 17 per cent and soccer and Netball each hovering around 11 per cent. The remainder of the vote was made up with votes for sports like golf, athletics, tennis and volleyball.

But statistics be damned – here are the winners!

Cian O’Reilly
Jim Adamopoulos
Brett Hussey
Tara Parish
Narelle Rock

Andrew McCarthy
Bradley Bacon
Victoria Nugent
Jamie Kay
James Cheeseman

Congrats to all the winners! To all those who missed out, stay tuned for more exciting competitions in the near future.

Nick Broughall is the Australian Editor of TechRadar.com, where he gets to indulge his passion for geekery and the lastest technology. He is also the Editor of EFTM.com.au, where he gets to indulge his passion for manliness, from sampling fine liquor to the joys of growing a beard. It’s a pretty good life, really.

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