The long, long awaited model S from Tesla is only a few weeks away from launching in the US, and to build up excitement, the electric car company has released the first in a series of videos showing the manufacturing process. It looks amazing.

The Model S is one of few cars to be manufactured out of steel reinforced aluminium, creating a lighter vehicle which can travel further on the same amount of charge.

The “Stamping” process shown in the video illustrates just how a 9000kg roll of aluminium is cut into blank rectangles and then pressed in dies to form key components of the car, like the doors and bonnets. Unlike many manufacturers, all the large parts of the Model S will be made in-house, and a new piece can be created every six seconds.

This is the first in a series of videos from the electric car company detailing the production process of the Model S, with the next one set to launch next week. Stay tuned for more…

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