Plantronics are well known for fantastic quality Bluetooth earpieces for hands-free calls on the go, and today they’ve taken that to the next level by introducing a set of wireless headphones called the BackBeat GO.

I don’t know about you but I often find the headphone cable running from your ears down through your jacket to your phone or having to hold the phone is more hassle than it’s worth. The cable gets in the way or tangled and you might not even need the phone to be so close by.

The Plantronics BackBeat GO makes a Bluetooth connection to your phone, but instead of being a single ear hands-free device these are designed more for those of us that enjoy music on the go but also get the odd phone call.

With in-line controls for volume, call pickup and track skip, as well as the built in microphone with noise cancelling, the GO is easy to pair with your phone and offers great sound.

Audiophiles will probably argue these are not top quality headphones. But compared to the in-ear buds you get with your average smartphone or iPod, you’re going to come away impressed.

Choosing the right in-ear bud size is important when trying to get the fit comfortable but also the right sound.

The battery should give you 4-5 hours constant listening, and charges via micro-USB. We’d like to see better battery tech added in the future to make them last longer, and perhaps make them a little smaller as they do stick out of the ear a fair bit. That said, I reckon it’s a lot better than huge ear muff headphones – but that’s just me!

And at $119, these are great value.

The BackBeat GO’s will be available at major telco stores and electronics retailers over the coming days.

They sold out fast in the USA, so expect stock to be difficult to find here in Australia if you leave it too late!

Price: $119
Web: Plantronics