Just the other day we saw a trove of Pixel 6 images and promotional material leak but today, from the same source, we have seen the entire web pages for the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. The web pages document all of the new and exciting features we are set to see when it is launched in 10 days time.

More camera innovations

Google has been at the forefront of smartphone camera innovations for a while now and look set to continue in the same vein with the Pixel 6 (and 6 Pro). A few years ago at Google I/O they showed off a tool that removes background “photobombers” from a picture and it is set to arrive on the Pixel 6.

Called Magic Eraser, the new tool can be used “to remove photobombers and unwanted objects, so that your subject is the star.” There is a small disclaimer on the tool though in that “may not work on all image elements” — just which elements it will work on I’m sure we’ll find out during the Pixel 6 announcement on October 20 (AU time).

Another new camera feature is Face Unblur, which, as you would expect, removes the blur from a face if the face is blurry due to movement during the image capture. There is a similar disclaimer here too — “Deblurring may not work on all photos or videos with face”.

Other notable camera features include even better portraits with the camera able to capture and highlight all the “nuances of different skin tones”, “authentically”. Google Pixel phones have always produced very real colours and the camera looks set to be able to do it again.

We saw the camera specs of the Pro revealed the other day but we now know that the main sensor is a lot larger than its predecessor in the Pixel 5 to enable the sensor to capture even more light for “finer detail and richer colour”. The larger sensor will also improve their already class-leading Night Sight imaging. Add in a telephoto lens (in the Pro) with 4x optical zoom which is capable of 20x zoom using Google’s Super Res Zoom and you have an extremely capable camera.

Let’s not forget about the selfie camera either, with the camera capable of capturing an ultrawide 94 degree field of view selfie. Definitely handy for getting everyone in shot, or to include the entire background as required.

But wait, there’s more!

Google are finally moving to a faster charger with the new Pixel 6 supporting 30W charging — using Google’s 30W USB-C charger although surely other USB-C chargers should also work at this speed. It’s not the 65W we are seeing from other companies, but it does not seem to be a proprietary charging technique as Google prefers to stick to non-proprietary USB-C charging. Of note, the website states that the Google USB-C charger is sold separately so we assume that will carry over into Australian Pixels as well.

There is once again Qi charging support and the leak the other day confirmed a new Pixel Stand and at the bottom of the pages we see the rates supported. The new Pixel Stand will be twice as powerful as the first generation with up to 21W Qi charging supported on the Pixel 6 and up to 23W on the Pixel 6 Pro.

The display will support a 120Hz refresh rate and include LTPO technology allowing the phone to change the refresh rate of the display on the fly depending on what is required at that time to optimise viewing experience while also improving battery performance.

We touched on the security the other day with the leaked images but today’s leaks add an extra detail which is important — The Pixel 6 comes with “at least 5 years of updates, so it gets more secure over time”. Don’t expect Android version updates for that long but definitely Android security updates for five years “from when the device first became available on the Google Store in the US”.

Although it is nice to see all of these details you can be sure that Google will reveal them and more come October 20. We are looking forward to bringing all the relevant details of Google’s new devices, including all of their new software innovations then. Tune in here at EFTM on October 20 to read all about Google’s latest and greatest smartphones and where to buy them.