If you’ve got three kids, you are going to love this amazing iPhone app that might just capture those rare and exotic family photos where all the kids are looking at the camera and smiling.

It doesn’t matter if it’s kids or a group of adults, getting more than one person to smile at the same time has been a life long challenge for photographers.

If you’re a gun with photoshop, it’s not really a problem. But unless you’re a designer who likes to tinker on family pics while the boss isn’t looking, nobody has time for that. Some PC based programs have also done a reasonable job at helping you ‘fix’ family photos, but here’s a great app for the iPhone that does it right there on the device that is taking the photos.

It’s called Group Shot and it’s the best 99c you’ll ever spend if you’re trying to get one great photo of a group of people.

You take a stack of photos, then in Group Shot you simply pick one and rub your finger over the face of the person who’s not smiling. Next, pick another photo from the series of similar photos you took where the person in question is actually smiling. Hey Presto, Group Shot combines the best parts of the photos and you end up with a flawless image.

Highlight the area of a photo you want to replace - Group Shot for iPhone

Now choose the source photo for the fill and they are combined - Group Shot for iPhone

It’s not just one person, you could take faces from different people across different photos with ease.

This is a great demonstration of the enhanced power of our phones today – something we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago!

Price: $0.99
Web: iTunes