Anyone who has drive a Radical track car knows that there are few things you could do that are more fun. Their price puts them out of the means of most men, until Radical unveiled the baby SR1 track car. Baby only in price.

The Radical SR1 has all the traits of a Radical sports car at a baby price. It’s still a two seater, still looks like a Le Mans racer but is now more affordable. For those not familiar with the Radical track cars, they are largely super light weight two seater race cars powered by Suzuki motorcycle engines. While the power output of the engine might not be anything special, it’s the weight of the car which gives it the speed and feel of a Le Mans style race car, not to mention the looks.

Take the Radical SR3 for example, which we have tested around Eastern Creek. A Powertec 1340cc 4-cylinder double overhead cam engine powers it with 210bhp, but it travels 0-100kph in just 3.1 seconds and weighs just 577kg. To put that in perspective, the lightweight Toyota 86 sports car weighs in at 1,200kg and does 0-100kph in a tad over seven seconds.

Oh, did we mention the SR3 specs are roughly the specs of the SR1? The max speed is down almost 20mph and the 0-100kph time is up to 3.6 seconds, but now you are paying just under 30,000 pounds. Do the translation and that’s under $50,000!

That’s cheaper than a Volkswagen Golf R. OK, it’s not street legal and it’s not yet confirmed if it will be heading to Australia, but if it does, you won’t have more fun than a day on a track with a Radical.

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Via: Car Advice