The man of the moment right now has to be Karl Lagerfeld. The Chanel creative director is clearly minted beyond belief, and he chooses to spend that money largely on his cat, a gift to him from French model and singer Baptise Giabiconi.

If you thought buying a Nissan Cube or having an extreme devotion to Super Mario Kart was a bit off the wall, check out Mr Lagerfeld. The man has style (it’s his job), but he’s clearly a little left of centre as well. And by a little, we mean a lot. And by a lot, we mean you may need a passport to go that far left of the centre and it’s likely to denied because it’s so far left of centre that it requires a visa that is really, really, really hard to get.

Lagerfeld’s cat eats on the table with him. OK, no big deal. She has her own pillow. Still fairly normal. And she has two maids. OK, step back a bit. If Nick and Trev with youngsters running around can clean up after themselves a cat probably can do that same. It will be EFTM’s mission to introduce him to litter trays. They’re great.

What we may not be able to fix is his cat’s apparent addiction to the Apple iPad. Not only did he buy her one, she can apparently use it. Now that we would like to see. Wonder what apps she uses. Angry Birds is probably pretty popular with her…

Via: Vanity Fair
Image: Jetalone’s Flickr under CC (it’s not Lagerfeld’s cat)