Even if you have no idea or interest about computers, pay attention. Intel has just unleashed its next generation of Core processors, dubbed Ivy Bridge. If you’re buying a PC any time soon, you want to make sure it’s got one of these things under the hood.

Like every new generation of processor, Ivy Bridge is more powerful, more efficient, runs cooler and has better battery life than last year’s model range. But the differences really stand out when you compare the new processors to the 3-year old Core2Duo that is in many of today’s PCs.

Intel explained that the process of encoding a movie, which would take upwards of an hour on a Core2Duo, can be cut to just a couple of minutes on the Ivy Bridge platform.

At the launch, there were 35 new Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks on display, and that doesn’t even include the desktops and full-powered laptops available. Which essentially means you really want to pay attention to what’s under the hood of your next PC purchase.