Finding funky bookshelf speakers is one thing, but finding funky and stylish bookshelf speakers that sound amazing is a different challenge all together. Monster has just unleashed the Clarity HD speakers, which should make the decision a bit easier, if you can afford them.

Available in both red and yellow, the Clarity HD speakers incorporate an iPod/iPhone dock on the top of one of the speakers to conveniently play back music from your iDevice, as well as offering an auxiliary audio input and RCA input jacks.

There are plenty of high-end audio specs on board to keep audiophiles happy, and Monster promises to help listeners discover even more nuance in their MP3 files. Who knows whether that’s true or not.

The Clarity HD speakers are available in Harvey Norman stores for $999. Not cheap, but when has anything branded Monster ever been cheap? On the upside, the brand does have consistently high quality…

Price: $999
Web: Convoy