Every four years, Australia develops a real love affair with the sport of swimming. Given how much time we all spend at the beach, that’s not a surprise. Which is why Garmin’s new swimming sports watch is perfect for us.

With a replaceable battery and minimal setup required, the watch tracks just how far and efficiently you are swimming. After you enter the length of the pool, the watch will begin recording your distance travelled, pace and stroke without any fuss. It also calculates your SWOLF score, or how many strokes it takes to swim the length of the pool, helping you develop a more efficient swimming method.

Sleek and lightweight, the watch also transfers data to a PC or Mac so you can analyse your swim, set goals and share your results with others.

With an RRP of $169, the watch is a must have accessory for anyone who swims seriously for competition, and is a nice accessory for those who just enjoy doing laps. It will even tell you the time, if you really want it to.

Price: $169
Web: Garmin