A couple of weeks ago we took you through the ins and outs of getting the right ring. We’ve assumed you’ve done that now. So on to the next hurdle, picking the right location and actually popping the question.

Let’s get one thing straight. There is no perfect location – rather, there are plenty of good locations and opportunities. The general rule is that if you set your sights on one specific location and a very specific time, you’re likely to find a hobo sitting there when you were planning to pop the question, or a dead possum. That’s just Murphy’s law and men are generally not very good friends with Murphy.

So what do you do? By all means choose a place you like, and choose a time that will be ideal. But – here’s the important part – go with the flow. You may find that on the day, another good opportunity comes up that you just can’t let slip by. If that’s the case, take it, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth or it will kick you in the teeth.

We’re not going to sit here and tell you the exact time and location you should pop the question. That would be a little bit far too presumptuous and you’ve probably already got a place or three thousand floating around in your mind. But pay attention to the go with the flow part. Speech or no speech, that too is totally up to you. One other thing to bear in mind – choose a place that means something to her as well as you. Proposals at race tracks are not cool unless she really likes V8 Supercars.

There are a few things that you will want to bring along that you may not have thought about. The ring/diamond/whatever you are using, obviously. But also, consider tissues. You’re going to need them if your partner has a leaky faucet around the eye region.

Think about bringing along a fully charged mobile phone as well. Pop the question at night and if your partner is a social media butterfly or has a smartphone surgically attached to her hand, chances are the battery will be all but dead and she’s going to want to make phone calls. Lots of phone calls. Hopefully you have a really good mobile plan if she ends up using your phone.

If you’re driving home after a night out, bring some good music. Nothing ruins the moment like hearing Justin Bieber or Bon Jovi (you heard me, Nick…) as you drive back.

And one more thing, stock up on some meds. Legal ones of course. If either of you don’t deal with stress well, newsflash, you just got engaged and your life is going to change pretty quickly. A few Rennies, some Panadol, perhaps a bottle of those Cenovis Chill Pills… you laugh, but just trust us on this one.

So, good luck! Let us know how it goes.