It’s already hot, and it’s about to get hotter because Summer is coming folks and in the hot Aussie Summer everyone wants an air conditioner. Unfortunately if you don’t own your home or can’t afford to install a ducted system or even a split system you might be stuck with fans.  Check out this new portable option from Close Comfort.

Regular portable air conditioners are a great stop-gap solution.  They can sit in the corner of a room and cool it down quite well – however they do require a bit of installation – a big pipe out the back and a window fitting to ensure the hot air is blown outside.

Close Comfort have taken a very different approach.  Understanding that many people don’t need to cool a whole room or whole home, many just want to stay cool themselves, maybe get a great nights sleep.

The Close Comfort PC9+Plus ticks this box, with a few extra advantages to boot.

Firstly, it runs on about the same power consumption as a few light bulbs, estimated to be around 75c per night to run.

It’s big point of difference is that it doesn’t have the pipe out the back. On the Close Comfort you open a flap on each side, one pushes cooled air out toward you, the other is the exhaust or warmer air outlet.

For this reason it’s not going to cool the room, but pointed at your bed overnight it’s going to keep a cool breeze on you.

And because you’re not trying to cool down the room, you don’t have to shut the windows, meaning fresh air can flow through your windows.

This is an Australian-owned invention by engineering Professor James Trevelyan a West Australian engineer, who had the idea of a compact localised cooling solution.

It weighs in at 17kg so is pretty easy to move around, maybe from the lounge room to the bedroom on the worst days:)

There’s also a little drawer at the back where the water will drip into making it easy to clear out.

Coming in at the mid range price point for portable air conditioners at $649 it’s not going to be your first option – but for those who don’t need a whole home cooling solution it might just be what you’re looking for to get a comfortable nights sleep this Summer.

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