Subaru Australia has announced its BRZ sportscar, made in conjunction with Toyota (who will badge it the 86) will be priced from $37,150 drive away. But more interstingly, it will only be available for order online rather than through dealerships.

The reason for Subaru’s decision to sell the car online only was due to limited numbers hitting Australian shores before the end of the year. Only 200 BRZs will be arriving down under. You can order the car online, choosing the colour you want and putting down a deposit as well. Subaru will then ship it to the dealer closest to you where you can pick it up when ready. If you want to test drive the car before buying, you can do it at a limited number of Subaru dealerships. Or you could sneakily test drive a Toyota 86 which is at available to test at pretty much every dealership the brand has as the cars’ drive and handling are pretty much the same.

Subaru’s BRZ will only come in one guise and it sits pretty much in the middle of the Toyota 86 GT and 86 GTS, as does its price. The BRZ is closer to the 86 GTS but won’t come with satellite navigation and some of the more premium options the 86 GTS comes with. But you can add bits and pieces that aren’t standard.

Should you buy a BRZ rather than an 86? As we mentioned, the cars are all but one in the same. On the outside, the only difference aside from the badge is the side and front grill. The BRZ will come with three years of free servicing while the Toyota 86 comes with capped price servicing around $170 per service for the first few services. Other than that, if you want the car soon, you have a better chance with the 86. But if you like the Subaru brand, better hop in line quickly.

Web: Toyota/Subaru