When the boffins at 20th Century Fox look back at how they handled the Blu-ray release of Avatar in 3D, there’s sure to be some regret. Now, almost three yeas since the film hit cinemas, the blockbuster is getting a 3D Blu-ray release on October 24.

This release isn’t the first time you could get the movie that pushed 3D into the mainstream on Blu-ray. It is not even the first time it’s been available in 3D. Fox Studios released the movie in 3D in an exclusive partnership with Japanese TV company Panasonic giving away the movie in 3D with the purchase of a 3D Panasonic television.

Naturally this partnership did little to promote the 3D elements of Panasonic televisions or satisfy Avatar fans who wanted to enjoy the movie in 3D at home. This October release will satisfy that small segment of the market.

Is anyone still interested in seeing this in 3D at home? Anyone?