If you’re planning a big footy finals party but don’t trust your mates to mix their own bourbon and cokes, you’ll probably appreciate this new keg of Jim Beam and cola.

With five litres of JB and cola in every keg, it’s a refreshing way of catering for a big party. The resealable kegs maintain constant pressure while pouring all five litres, d will stay fish and carbonated for about 30 days when stored in the fridge, although its recommended you drink it all within about 5 days for the best experience.

The kegs require about 10 hours of chilling to hit the best drinking temperature, then you vent the barrel to release the pressure and begin pouring.

At 4.8 per cent, it’s probably not as strong as you’d mix yourself, but given the convenience, it’s a great option for parties. And if bourbon and coke isnt your thing, there’s also a Canadian Club and dry keg available. Both will set you back $54.99 from your local liquor store.

Price: $54.99
Web: Jim Beam