The way to a man’s heart is apparently through his stomach, which is why every man cave should be full of useful food creation devices. Forget the fire risk and get yourselves these awesome cooking gadgets.

Weber Q

The pinnacle of barbecue technology, the Weber Q squeezes a fully functioning grill inside a compact, portable body. Perfect for a Saturday night while watching the footy, yet compact enough to throw in the back of a car for a camping trip, this little cooking rocket is super efficient, cooking up to 100 meals on a single 9kg gas bottle.

Price: $299
Web : Lasoo

Ferrari pizza maker

The only thing better than fast cars are fast pizzas, which is probably what inspired this Ferrari-branded pizza maker’s creation. With its shiny, Ferrari red body and Italian quarry stone base, the pizza oven distributes heat better than an F1 car, creating a perfectly cooked pizza every time. You’ll have to make your own Ferrari sound effects while cooking, though.

Price: $187
Web: Lasoo

Tefal Chef Pro food processor

Whether you’re on track to win the next series of Masterchef or you just can’t be stuffed sharpening your knives, having a food processor is the smart man’s way to chop food quickly. The Tefal Chef Pro has a large three litre bowl, plus five different metal grating and slicing discs. Even if it’s just to chop garnish for your man cave cocktails, you should probably own one.

Price: $189
Web: Lasoo

Polywood 5-piece barbecue set

It’s easy to judge a man by his man cave. It’s even easier to judge him by his barbecue. So why dither around with crappy kitchen utensils when you could treat your barbie to the luxurious touch of this five piece set. With an eight inch cook knife, 10-inch carving fork, 8-inch sharpener, apron and wooden case, this set is the quickest way to prove your manly abilities in the cooking arena.

Price: $99
Web: Lasoo

Tefal pressure cooker

Hearty food is the backbone of a good man’s diet. But who has time to sit around as all that sinewy meat breaks down over hours of slow cooking? Especially when you can just chuck it in this pressure cooker and let it do all the hard work for you in a much more reasonable amount of time? Three cooking modes make it even more versatile, while the whole “dishawasher safe” thing is perfect for anyone hoping to avoid the whole cleaning up phase after cooking a meal.

Price: $167
Web: Lasoo