If you’ve always wanted to get into home brewing but been a little bit unsure of where to start, this is a great alternative. The Beer Shed is offering a two-day experience, which includes almost six cases worth of beer, for just $125.

Located in either Campbelltown or Sutherland Shire in NSW, the Beer Shed is a microbrewery for the common man, allowing men (and women) of all colours and creeds to lovingly create their own beers. And because it’s all done with the guidance of a master brewer, the chances of things going wrong are next to none.

The experience sounds fantastic:

You’ll get to measure all ingredients, cook off the beer, cultivate the yeast and add in the hops at different stages of your beer’s life, all with professional beer connoisseurs by your side ready to help out or answer questions.

Leave your batch to ferment in the capable hands of The Beer Shed and three weeks later you’ll be back to bottle and sample the fruits of your labour!

Each batch created is a huge 50L, which equates to approximately six cartons of 24 x 330ml bottles – and it’s all yours to take home and enjoy!

PLUS you’ll even receive a $50 voucher to be used towards your next brew.

All of The Beer Shed’s beer recipes use fresh ingredients and are preservative and chemical FREE – which means no nasty hangovers.

All beers made on site are all triple filtered, Co2 carbonated and unpasteurized so you get a great clean crisp taste.

For $125, that’s a pretty awesome father’s day gift right there.

Price: $125
Web: Spreets